Professional Website Redesign

Already have a website... it might be time for a website redesign?

Your website should represent your business in a positive, professional light. It should engage your visitors, instill trust, and meet their needs quickly and easily. Our professional graphic and web design team focuses on web and online marketing, so we’ll modernize your brand personality into a professional, clean, easy to navigate, conversion-focused website design that is built to take action (a phone call, a contact form submission, or a purchase).


Below is a great example of a website Wisconsin Web Design redesigned:

Just click & drag your mouse over the arrow line on the laptop below to see the change.


Original Site Original Site


Some reasons to redesign a website:

  • The website is a few years old and the design is starting to look outdated or cluttered
  • You no longer have a relationship with the person who made your website years ago, and you can’t even update it anymore
  • Your site is hard to navigate, not user friendly
  • Your website isn't delivering qualified leads and generating revenue.
  • Your business focus has changed and the website no longer effectively communicates your goods/services
  • You’re looking to add some functionality to the website, which requires some new design elements
  • You’re finding that site visitors aren’t engaging with your brand or staying on your site very long

Whatever the reason, a strategic, conversions-focused website redesign may be the solution. With design and web technologies constantly changing, you should be considering a website redesign every few years anyway.



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